The MIT Club of Puget Sound, part of the MIT Alumni Association, is an all-volunteer run organization for MIT Alumni living in the greater Seattle area. Each year we host a number of exciting events like these:
  • Monthly lectures and events featuring prominent local speakers and visiting professors from MIT
  • Monthly Happy Hours/Networking Events in Seattle and the Eastside
  • The Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT), in which we select five teachers each year to attend this one-week summer program for primary, middle, and high-school teachers to take a "drink from the fire hose" that is MIT
  • Discounted attendance to MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest events
  • A December luncheon with current MIT students from our area during their Winter break
  • A dinner honoring new students admitted to MIT for the following year
  • Our Annual Summer Picnic, a great chance to meet old friends and make new ones
Our Club is supported 100% by volunteers and dues/donations from members - we hope you'll join us.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Add to calendar Walk and Talk with Beavers Northwest

You may think you know a lot about beavers, but trust me, you probably don't know their whole story.  These creatures once shaped the land, but were on the verge of extinction due to over-hunting.  

Beaver benefits are manifold. From improvements to water quality to increases in biodiversity to greater resiliency of watersheds, the wetlands that beavers create offer a diverse suite of ecosystem services. However, with our human infrastructure so intricately tied to waterways, beavers can seem like a nuisance. Luckily, there are numerous strategies for managing beavers and retaining the benefits that they provide.
Join Beavers Northwest, a local nonprofit, on an evening nature walk at Magnuson Park to learn about beaver biology, benefits, and management.  There is no guarantee that we'll see beavers, but we'll do our best! The Chorus Frogs will likely also be fairly active at that time of year, so regardless, it will be a great dusk walk.
Bring flashlights!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Add to calendar A Retrospective of the Mt St Helens Eruption

Eyewitness to an Exploding Volcano:  An Evening with Keith Ronnholm '73

Keith Ronnholm was camped 10 miles from Mt St Helens in May 1980 and captured photographs of the explosive eruption on May 18th, before racing away from the onrushing blast cloud and dodging falling rocks.   He has an extensive collection of eyewitness photos from numerous vantage points, and he will narrate the events of that morning, and discuss how the mountain has evolved since that time.  Keith is now retired, but was formerly a research scientist with the University of Washington, deploying and maintaining climate monitoring buoys for NOAA.

Location = Seattle

Cost = $10 for current MIT Club of Puget Sound Members and their guests; $25 for non-members

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Add to calendar Volunteer at Pasado's Safe Haven!

Join us for a day of volunteering at Pasado's Safe Haven!  Pasado's is an animal sanctuary that offers free spay/neuter clinics to the community, provides educational workshops for children, cares for many abused and neglected animals from all over the state and fights to ensure we have legislation to prevent animal abuse.  Our very own Lola Ball '91 has been volunteering and supporting Pasado's for over 10 years and would love to have you join her for a day of compassion at the sanctuary!

Be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty and wear sturdy shoes.  Bring work gloves if you have them and a water bottle.  We will provide lunch (note:  out of respect to the residents, a vegan menu will be served.)

Children must be at least 12 years old to participate with their parent(s).


Check out these new books from our local alumni:

Bob Seidensticker '80 has a new novella called A Modern Christmas Carol, where a televangelist gets the Scrooge treatment.

Lola Ball '91 wrote a book called When Your Dog Has Cancer: Making the Right Decisions for You and Your Dog, published by Dogwise Publishing.

Matt McCluskey '91 has a new novel called The Last Weapon, about a physics professor who is on the run after a deadly lab disaster.

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